We are a Swedish/Canadian power skating and hockey skills training company. Our focus is to develop players of all levels through the use of innovative and proven teaching methods and training tools. We work with players from novice to pro and have coached players from across Canada, USA, Finland, Russia, Norway, Thailand, and Sweden. If you or your team are ready to take that next step towards being faster, more explosive, and dominant on the ice - then you have come to the right place.


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Cutting edge techniques and training for beginners all the way up to our NHL pro's. Click on camps to find the program that best suits you, or email info@fehockey.com.


F.E. Hockey is based in Sweden but offers a multitude of international camps. Subscribe to one of our social media sites to find out where we'll be next. Don't see your location? Feel free to email us to inquire about setting up a camp near you.

"It's been some of the best ice sessions I've ever been a part of in terms of individual skill development. I have been very impressed with their knowledge and ability to communicate that to the players. It has been a great mix of speed and power movements along with skill and shot release techniques..."

- Sean Kuraly, Columbus Blue Jackets

"They use technology and video to break down your stride and show you exactly where you are losing speed, or what you can do improve your stride. In today's game skating and speed are so important, so for any kid that can learn how to skate fast and efficiently without wasting energy it will be a big advantage..."

- Ryan Gunderson, HC Fribourg-Gottéron

"Adam and Viktor are more than qualified as power skating coaches, I only had to look at the way they skate. I could see right away that they are some of the best skaters I have ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of skaters in my life. I certainly wish i could have worked with someone like them when I was a young hockey player..."

- Charles Linglet, Belarus 


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