We are firm believers in quality over quantity when it comes to training. Repetition is certainly a key component in the development process, but proper technique is vital. Many players are simply shown the end result and are then allowed to practice that technique in a way that feels comfortable to them, this is a major cause of bad habits. Speed, power, and strength development with inefficient biomechanics will result in early plateaus, stunting a players athletic potential. All of our athletes receive individual feedback and will be corrected until the technique is being executed in the best possible way for an effective learning curve.

Skating and skill techniques are not perfected over night, it takes time. There are basic building blocks towards learning and executing any skill. We make sure that each player is mastering the techniques every step along the way. Power skating is something that needs to be practiced weekly, as the game continues to get faster the demand for speed and mobility from players is higher than ever. We teach players to first be smooth and efficient, which will then lead to exponential speed development.

Team Training

During the season we understand that there isn't much time for players to seek out specialized training, which is why we offer training packages to clubs. Specialized skating and skills training at least once a week will vastly speed up and improve each players development process, which will also translate to greater team development and success throughout the season. Training for speed, power, balance, acceleration and technique as an entire team can create a healthy competitive environment as the players will push each other to reach new levels outside of their comfort zone. The packages and training plans will be customized for your teams needs.

Training Camp Events

During holidays, breaks from your club or school, and throughout the offseason we offer a variety of multi and single day specialized camps for skating, stick-handling, shooting, defence, battle and much more. These training camp events always include multiple ice sessions per day as well as off ice training, various F.E. Hockey items such as; T-shirts, water bottles, hats, and depending on the venue, lodging options.

Private Training

If you are looking for that extra edge to reach the next level of your development, then contact us to set up private training sessions. These sessions will be custom designed for you for maximal individual development. We offer private and small group trainings from 1-8 players. Please contact us for more information and pricing.

Travel camps

We are also available to bring a camp to your city or community. If geographical location is a problem then be sure to inquire about us coming to you. Click the link below to contact us about possible camps near you.


Toronto Sunday Skills

Toronto Christmas Camp