Scotiabank Pond

August 14-17

      Camp Information

  • AAA/AA only
  • 2 hours on ice daily
  • 20 players max per group
  • Players born 2010-2013
  • Advanced skating & skills development
  • Acceleration, power, & dynamic movement
  • Explosive speed & efficiency
  • Resistance & Overspeed training
  • Parachute training
  • Reaction strap training
  • Small area game play
  • Custom F.E. Hockey jersey

Price: $450


August 14-17, Scotiabank Pond

F.E. Hockey Toronto Main Camp 2023

We are excited to finally be bringing our unique development system back to Toronto! Working with novice to the NHL players, our combination of Canadian and Swedish skills training provides the next step to becoming faster, more explosive, and dominant on the ice. This camp will have a max of 20 spots per group to ensure the highest quality of individual feedback and development.

This camp is specifically designed for improvements in powerskating, stickhandling, shooting, and various goal scoring techniques. While breaking down some vital stickhandling and shooting techniques, players will also have a chance to compete and use these techniques in game like situations.

Each ice session will start with 20-30 minutes of power skating, biomechanics, stickhandling technique, and dynamic edge work. Players will develop an understanding of how to efficiently carry their speed, generate power, and enhance their multidirectional movement. Stickhandling and moves will be implemented with all of the power skating techniques for a better practice to game transfer of skill. Every player in camp will have lots of individual dialogue and work with one of our coaches.

Payment info will be sent once we have received your registration.

Ice times:

11:30-1:30pm     2012/2013

1:45-3:45pm.      2010/2011

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