Stockholm Spring Program 2022



  • Player born 2007-2013
  • Total of 8 sessions
  • 1h 20 min skates
  • Advanced skating & skills development
  • Acceleration, power, & dynamic movement
  • Explosive speed & efficiency
  • Drop in sessions
  • Resistance & Overspeed training
  • Limited spots open
  • For Club F.E. members only

Dates & Times

Week 16

Saturday 23/4 kl 16.00-17.20 (Rink B)

Week 17

Saturday 30/4 kl 16.00-17.20 (Rink B)

Week 18

Tuesday 3/5 kl 17.30-18.50 (Rink B)

Saturday 7/5 kl 17.00-18.20 (Rink B)

Week 19

Tuesday 10/5 kl 17.30-18.50 (Rink B)

Saturday 14/5 kl 17.00-18.20 (Rink B)

Week 21

Saturday 7/5 kl 18.00-19.20 (Rink A)

Week 22

Saturday 6/6 kl 16.00-17.20 (Rink A)


250 :- Club F.E. Membership Fee*

400 :- Drop in (price per session)

2.800 :- Full Program (8 sessions)

* One time fee for 1 year membership


Week 16-22, Sollentuna Ishall

F.E. Hockey Stockholm Spring Program 2022

Our spring training program offers a unique opportunity to further your skating and skill development throughout the spring with a once per week drop in training session.

Over the course of the program we'll be breaking down all the major skating techniques in detail to ensure that proper biomechanics and skating efficiency are in place before implementing resistance, overspeed, and reaction training phases. Every session will also include an element of stick handling, goal scoring, and some small area gameplay or battle work.


Some of the group specific elements that will be included:

  • First step speed
  • Full speed moves
  • Passing/receiving
  • Goal scoring
  • Shooting in stride
  • Explosive punch turns/creating time and space
  • Lateral mobility
  • Backwards, forwards, and lateral acceleration
  • Backwards skating/mobility
  • Activating into the rush

In the contact form you have the option to either purchase an 8 session package, or simply pay as you go at the drop in rate. Once you've submitted your registration you will receive further details and payment info via email.

Fill out the form below to register: 

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